Band of the Week: Local Natives

>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So, I am not gonna lie. 3 weeks ago, I didn't like this record. I didn't find the originality in it. I had fully decided that it was NOT going to take part of my year end music review. In fact, I was not even set on including any of the tracks on my top 30 (or probably 50, if I cannot narrow down), so for this post be up now is a considerable feat.
But, one of my favorite friends, and a true musical soul told me how it was her record of the year. I was shocked and knew right then and there that I missed something. Her and I are like musical soul mates, so if she saw something deeper or different than I did, I knew that was on me. So, I gave it another listen. Soon I realized it was one of those records you don't know you love. You know. A song comes on, you love it, you sing along, and you move on. I never knew that the songs I was tapping my toe too, or turning up in the car, were these songs. I just did not make that connection. So, yeah, that is my bad.

This is a fantastic record and will sneak in the bottom half of my top 13. Enjoy, the Band of the Week:

Local Natives

"Sun Hands"

"Airplanes" (Let this song build around you. It's a wave)

"World News"

"Wide Eyes"


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