Show of the Day: The Civil Wars with Lindsay Fuller

>> Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tonight, at the Tractor Tavern, Stevie and I (plus our one avid reader, and two drag alongs) will be attending what I am hoping is a hell of a show. You may recognize The Civil Wars, as they have been featured quite a bit on this blog, as a Song of the Day, they were also #2 on The Alphabet list "C", as well as #4 song of the year, however, if I were to rewrite this today, they would be #2. They were also the #2 EP of the year, as well as an Honorable Mention for their Live at Eddie's Attic record on my Year in Music Review. So, you can say I am a fan. Now, my drag alongs are not quite as sure, but I am sure that after the show, they will be as convinced as I am. 

Along with The Civil Wars, we will be enjoying the opening act Lindsay Fuller, whom I am excited for, even though the band did not take my suggestion of having Lemolo open, but that is ok. This is going to be a good show. I am stoked. 

"Ball & Chain" by Lindsay Fuller

Lindsay Fuller & The Cheap Dates - Ball and Chain - Live @ Crackle & Pop! from Andy Smith on Vimeo.

"Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars


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