Best Songs Of The Decade, 60-51

>> Sunday, February 20, 2011

And the hits just keep a comin'. We are continuing our ten part series for the Best Songs of the Decade. Again, to make it easy, I will color code selections for you. Addi's will be in Green, Stevie's will be in Purple.

After reading both lists, it is clear where we come together and veer apart, but over all, not a bad song in the bunch. For a proper intro to the lists, please see part one below. 

60. "Boston" -- Augustana/"Rio" -- Hey Marseilles

59. "I'm Like A Bird" -- Nelly Furtado/"The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore" -- James Morrison

58. "Irish Bars" -- Dean Fields/"It's All Understood" -- Jack Johnson

57. "Upside Down" -- Jack Johnson/"Unfold" -- Jason Mraz

56. "Time To Pretend" -– MGMT/"Someone To Love" -- Hey Marseilles

55. "Trouble Sleeping" -- The Perishers/"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" -- Jet

54. "Lately (I've Been On My Back) -- BOAT/"Sober" -- Kelly Clarkson

53. "The Way I Are" -- Timbaland/"You! Me! Dancing!" -- Los Campesinos!

52. "Hurt" -- Johnny Cash/"Where Have You Been?" -- Manchester Orchestra

51. "Animal" -- Neon Trees/"The Darkest Side" -- The Middle East


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