Show of the Day: Land Of Pines, Lord Huron, and The Rural Alberta Advantage!!!

>> Monday, April 11, 2011

So, I normally like to post these blogs on the day of the show, but somehow the show got past me, and my bestfriend/co-blogger used it in a series of awesome events for my surprise 30th birthday party. Now, if you have read this blog, you know how big of a RAA fan I am. There were my song of the day just a little under a month ago, and back in May of last year, they were one of my first Bands Of The Week. But I will get to them in a few.

First off I want to point out, that this may be the best 3 band show I have ever been too. Normally you will get two stellar bands and one throw away. I had trouble finding fault in any of the bands. It was one of the best assemblages of musicianship I have ever witnessed.

Land Of Pines
(There's Stevie, standing in front of me.)

Land Of Pines is a band I have been familiar with for a while now. Being a NW music fan and a blogger, its hard not to be aware of this media darling band. And I have to admit, I have been a from-a-far mini fan, I appreciated their sound, but did not have the desire to trudge out to see "them." But they sold me. From the rag-tag baby faces that walked on stage, I expected loud, fast and sloppy. And boy was a wrong. Yes, they were loud and frenetic but surprisingly clean. Like really clean. I have never expected one sound and been so blown away by what I received. It was something, and I am now not such a from-a-far fan, and am willing to trudge. Oh, and she shreds.

"Curly" & "Whole Moon" by Land Of Pines

Lord Huron
(There's Stevie, standing in front of me, again.)

Now, Lord Huron is a band that I was familiar with in name only. But walked away a fan. I don't have a plethora of reviewer type words here. The band was more then impressive, strong musicians, good stage presence, and more then decent songs. It was a good show. I think my best compliment I can make, is that I went back to the Merch table, shook the front's hand and picked up two EP's. My only take away of the night. So, if you read this blog, and know me, you know that means respect. Keep an eye out for this LA band, pay money to see them, it will be worth all your pennies. 

"We Went Wild" by Lord Huron

The Rural Alberta Advantage
(And yet again. there's Stevie's head.)

The Rural Alberta Advantage blew my fucking mind. There is not a lot more to say. That band can put on a show. I know I mentioned that Land of Pines were clean, but RAA put them to shame. Rarely does a band live up to the live recordings. Never does a band surpass them. Until last night. The RAA blew their record out of the water. Now, I have loved their 2009 release "Hometowns" hard. But I was having trouble falling for more then a track or two of their 2011 "Departing" release, but after the show, I listened again, and again this morning, and it is now a front runner for my top spot of the year. It's crazy how much a show can impact a record. 
But to get onto the show itself there are a couple points I would like to make:

First, Amy Cole, keyboardist, xylophonist, and single drummer extraordinaire, I love you. You win.

Second, My co-blogger's asshole husband and I have debated about this band and their drumming. We were certain that either the group was using drum machine for their fills, or utilizing studio tricks to get that crisp crazy timing. And holy fuck were we wrong. That was the most impressive drumming I have ever seen. And to be honest, I might still win the debate, I think he might be a robot, which, technically speaking, is a drum machine. Seriously, listen to the drumming in the third track below. I win. 

Third, A little under 4 weeks ago, I posted the song "Good Night" and my SotD. And I was certain from moment one, that it was one of those great album songs, that would never see the dark of night at a show. But, I got the best birthday wish ever when the band pushed through the crowd, stood on three chairs and did an unplugged, nearly prefect rendition to a packed, breath-held tractor tavern. It will easily become one of my favorite concert memories. We win. 
(The band doing good night. I was at the bar behind them. And my camera caught The Tractor Tavern Ghost)

"Drain The Blood"

"Good Night (Acoustic)" 



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