ABC's of my Google Searches

>> Friday, June 24, 2011

A while back I found this really interesting blog post from a girl that I had posted the web site she visited that came up first when she put in each letter of the alphabet in to her search bar. It really did give some insight on to what she spent her time doing and I thought it would be fun to do the same. Here are my results then try your own - but no cheating! If you're N is Netflix don't change it to NPR to look cool :) -Stevie

A: - a girl has to know the weather!

B: - I have 3 blogs so this didn't surprise me- this from i adore inspiration...

C: - yup I'm like that

D: - I'm a teacher what can I say?

E: - I've been an Etsy fan for a long long time. My favorite place to shop for gifts. I've wanted this dress forever!

F: - no shocker here

G: Google- my homepage so that kind of makes sense...

H: - where I get my news

I: - I have to know all the secrets! Here's the next movie I want to see...

J: - I've been spending a lot of time in the store and on their site.

K: - my hubby's site. I actually didn't expect this one but who wouldn't want to visit that sexy face all the time?

L: - who isn't addicted to groupon like sites?

M: - this is the dress I'm lusting over now:

N: - here's the last movie I rented-

O: this one is kind of flukey, I looked on there two days ago for iPhone cases

P: - seriously, my crack

My thoughts: I wasn't surprised by some (Facebook, Pinterest, Google), while others I didnt realize I visited so often or perhaps its just that I visited those last. In the end I think it reflects me.


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