Songs of the Day: "Song For The Working Man" & "Name" by The BGP

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We must be putting something in the water up here in the great NW. I cannot remember the music scene being this strong since the early 90's. And we all remember how that worked out. It is a great time to be a Northwest music fan/blogger. 
Tonight, I bring you yet another band that I truly expect huge things from in the very near future, The BGP. Now, I would be expecting this from them no matter what, but, I think their successful appearance on America's Got Talent last night may help move things along a little quicker. I really really hope so, this band is due. 

Below you will see two videos, one is a great stop motion music video the band put together, and it looks brilliant. And the other is an upload I did so I could get my favorite song up on here. 

"Song For The Working Man" by The BGP

"Name" by The BGP


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