The Best of the Worst? Pop Singer turned Actress Movies

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

So it's summer and one of my favorite summer past times is watching dumb dumb dumb movies. Now hear me out. This list is going to be completely biased, totally based on my opinion and you should also know (if you haven't already figured it out from reading our songs of the day) that I don't listen to pop singers so much. So the Katy Perry's and Nicki Minaj's of the world are kind of lost on me. With that being said there are a few pop songstresses of my high school years that I can't help but watch whatever terrible film they happen to make and shockingly a few I actually like (and even some I LOVE). So here are the contenders: Britney Spears (yup, I'm going there), Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Hilary Duff. Here's the Best of the Worst: Pop Singer Turned Actress version.

10. Chasing Liberty - Mandy Moore
So after choosing the other 9, choosing number 10 is much more difficult- I had the choice between this and any Britney or Jessica movie so alas, this is the first of the worst. Don't worry they get better.

9. License to Wed - Mandy Moore
I wanted to love this one more. John Krasinski and Robin Williams and yet its not funny. So was this movie great? No. Was it good? Not really but I'm down to slim pickins' now (and I refuse to put "Crossroads" on this list either- yup, that's right no Britney).

8. Burlesque - Christina Aguilera
I wanted to hate this. Like truly. I mean I hate Cher. I don't like Christina Aguilera's music so much although I do think the girl can sing. Plus the whole plot just seemed contrived. All that being said, it had its moments. And was at the very least better than all the movies Jessica Simpson ever made combined (yes, you won't find her on this list).

7. A Cinderella Story - Hilary Duff
Meh. Not much to say here. It's a cinderella story so it doesn't exactly have an original plot. Dan Byrd is in this and I love him in Cougar Town.

6. The Perfect Man - Hilary Duff
A movie where I actually like Mr. Big- yes, he plays Ben Cooper here but still. Heather Locklear makes me cringe the whole time but its kind of a cute movie.

5. Because I Said So - Mandy Moore
Probably Diane Keaton's worst movie. That being said I love Mandy Moore in this movie. There's this part where she freaks out on this guy Jason and it's just so authentic.

4. Raise Your Voice - Hilary Duff
Again Hilary Duff but I liked this one more because 1) I'm a sucker for Aiden, er- John Corbett and 2) I love Oliver James- totally underrated. I appreciated this movies attempt to be Sister Act 2 even though it failed. Alot.

3. Cheaper by the Dozen- Hilary Duff
Now to be truthful here, Hilary Duff is technically in this movie but Steve Martin and the brilliant Bonnie Hunt are the true stars.

2. A Walk to Remember - Mandy Moore
If you didn't cry during this movie you have no heart. A-dor-able.

1. Saved - Mandy Moore
This one I actually LOVE. Like seriously, Macauly Culkin as a roller skate? Great. Plus I've always been a big Jena Malone fan. I am FILLED with Christs Love!


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