Love/Like/Loathe: 9/17/11

>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

So, I apologize for my absence from Listologies. I tweaked my back up good and nasty and have been pretty doped up, and I figured if I tried to blog it out, it would all come out embarrassingly hilarious, so, I opted out. But I figured since I am feeling a bit more lucid, I would start my new blog series that I have been mulling over. It's called Love/Like/Loathe. Basically, its pretty simple. I am going to share, on a semi weekly basis, things I love, like and loathe. It's pretty self explanatory.

Love: I know this is going to come off predictable, but I LOVE the new Slow Club album "Paradise." It has surpassed by expectations by a mile. The band has found it maturity without losing its gleeful edge. Sadly, I do not think this record will win new fans, namely Stevie, but I think it is by far, the best record of the year.
"You, Earth or Ash" by Slow Club

Like: Susan Beth Pfeffer's The Last Survivors trilogy of novels. I have to admit, they are dark as hell and should barely be qualified as Young Adult, but the are well written portrayals of the beginning of the end of the world. From clear stand out of book one, Live As We Knew It, to the darkness and religious undertones and change in perspective of book two, The Dead and the Gone, to the rather forced follow up of book three The World We Live In, these books are not to be missed.

Loathe: The self titled album by the Bow Ribbons. It is far and away, and easily the worst album I have heard in years. It is hard for me to hate music. I love music, and can generally find something redeeming about nearly every noise that people are proud enough to put on a record, but this is horrible meandering whiny drivel. I buy a lot of records, and I never ever write a negative review, but this music is so bad, it actually makes me angry as I type about it. It is the kind of music, that if you were stuck at the bottom of a well with a crazed serial killer standing above you slowing filling it in with water and laughing a sinister laugh, you would hear.
"Let Me Down Easy" by Bow Ribbons


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