Snap Judgments: The Secret Circle

>> Sunday, September 18, 2011

So, feeling even more lucid, I am going to jump in headfirst with my new blog series. SNAP JUDGEMENTS. It is where I, or we, if Stevie wants to join in on the fun, simply jump to conclusions. If we hear a song, or see a tv show, experience fashion, (do you experience it, see it, feel it, I don't know), watch a trailer for a flick, or whatever, if we have a judgement to make, we will snap too it.

Today's Snap Judgement is for the WB's new show "The Secret Circle" which I think is going to be my favorite new show of the year. Now, before you roll your eyes, yes, I am a 30 year old man, and yes, I am straight, and yet, I still and wrapped up into this show after only one episode.

It's about a girl who's mother gets killed by an evil manwitch, and she is forced to move to the made up town of Chance Harbor, WA. Where she quickly discovers that her ancestry is steeped in hocus pocus as well. On top of that, five other families in Chance Harbor are also all witchy, and when all six families are reunited, their power is 10 times more powerful. But, there is a catch, the magic is dangerous. The previous coven composed of parents of the 6 main kids, suffered a horrible accident that magically killed one of each of their parents. So the magic has been hidden from them. But the persist anyways, and join together. Thus, the Secret Circle is born.

The show has all the tale-tale signs of success. It's got loads of pretty faces. It's got Kevin Williamson on as the exec. producer. It has a KILLER soundtrack, and is based in Washington.

Now, only the pilot has aired, and it could faulter in the upcoming episodes, but so far, I am very excited and hooked.


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