Song of the Day: "American Wedding" by Frank Ocean

>> Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You can Cover a song. You can Sample a song, You can Rearrange a song. You can make it all your own. Or, if you're Frank Ocean, you can do it all in one song.

I would never ever be ballsy enough, to take such an iconic song and flip it on its head, knowing it'd certainly fail. But, I am glad I am not Frank Ocean, because where I would fail to even try, he succeeds beyond measure. Listen to it once to get the feel for what he is able to pull off, and then listen a second time to hear and feel the lyrics. It is just a great song on its own, made better by the backing track.

If you have not heard of Frank Ocean, undoubtedly, your life is missing out. He released a free Mixtape "Nostalgia, Ultra" earlier this year, that came out of nowhere and became the best R&B album of '11. If you like R&B, hell, if you like music, this record needs to be in your collection. You can download it here.

"American Wedding" by Frank Ocean


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