Best Roar Bands: Bands The Embrace The Animal Within

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So, previously we've brought you, The Edible Music list, The Best Bands With #'s in Their Names list, and my personal favorite, The Bands That Lie list. And now, to join that elite group of awesome lists, we bring you The Best Roar Bands; bands that embrace their inner animal. That's just a fancy way to say, best bands with animals in their names.

Now, this was a fun list to write, but I had the opposite problem with this one, then I did with the others listed above. When I was writing those, I had so much trouble filling out the lists of 13 with credible bands, but this list, I started out with 50+ bands that I could make a case for, and ended up narrowing down to these 30.

In the order that I think is best, comment if you quibble, here are the best Animal bands. And no, I did not overlook Def Leppard. A Leppard is not an animal, a Leopard is. Do you see the discrepancy? Hope you enjoy.

The Beatles

Counting Crows

The Eagles

The Antlers

One-Eyed Mule

White Rabbits

Niki & The Dove

Fleet Foxes

As Tall As Lions

the bird and the bee

Pepper Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit

Sea Wolf

Toad The Wet Sprocket

the eels

Modest Mouse

Cage the Elephant

Mimicking Birds


Cat Power

Eagle Eye Cherry

Band of Horses

Fruit Bats

Animal Collective

The Mountain Goats


Miniature Tigers

The Animals

Grizzly Bear

Cobra Starship


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