Song of the Day with FREE Download: "Heartbreak Heartbreak" by The BGP

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I try to make it a habit not the repeat bands when I do my song of the day thing. But the word "try" indicates the possibility of failure, and today I fail in grand fashion. You're welcome.

The BGP, is one of those bands that could forever stay a local heavy hitter, or with the right break, and a great song or two, could really make some well deserved noise. And I think this song is one helluva step in the right direction. It might even be the best hook of the year.

Now, from what I understand, this song was written in the aftermath of being cut for America's Got Talent, and as sad as that experience must have been for the fella's, I hope they get cut from more and more competitions, if the end results are songs like this one.

That hook! My God. That hook. So choice.

Now, for the fun and games. I am honored that the band has allowed to share this song with you. I implore you to click the link below, and get this song for yourselves. It's free, as long as you share the link on your Facebook or Twitter. Support Local Music!
Get "Heartbreak Heartbreak" here!

"Heartbreak Heartbreak" by The BGP


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