Best of 2011: Favorite Songs: 80-61

>> Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here is how I determined this list. I consider every song I can get my hands on in the year. This year that means 1,942 songs, and I make a smart playlist on my iPod. Every song that I love I give a 5 star rating, and they all get sorted together. And then, I trim from there, song by song.

I know. Each year the best songs list gets longer and longer. But this year, there is justification. If you read my best albums post, you will know this is the year of the song. And if I tried, and, when I say tried, I mean, if just didn't stop myself, this list would be 200 songs long. This year may be lacking in an overabundance in complete albums, but, when it comes to songs, it was uniquely jam packed with quality tunes. Here are my favorite 80 of 2011 (broken into the next 4 posts so it doesn't crash your flash player).

Fair warning, there is no Bon Iver on this list. It is not that I do not like the album, or tracks, I just don't think it is the end all record of the year like everyone else does.
80. Happy Day - Idiot Glee

79. Fasten You To Me - The Belle Brigade

78. Too Late To Apologize - The Oh Wells

77. You Yes You - tUnE-yArDs

76. No Harm - The Boxer Rebellion

75. High Hawk Season – The Mountain Goats

74. Very Nice Things – Youth Rescue Mission

73. Heartbreak Heartbreak – The BGP

72. Wetsuit – The Vaccines

71. White Nights – Oh Land

70. Letters - Lemolo

69. Never Look Back (Acoustic) – Slow Club

68. Muscle Relaxants – The Rural Alberta Advantage

67. 40k – Pearl And The Beard

66. Virgin – Manchester Orchestra

65. I Know Places – Lykke Li

64. Elephants & Little Girls – Loch Lomond

63. Sometimes At Night – Jessica Lea Mayfield

62. Next Time – Meredith Bragg

61. Glorify – Ivan & Alyosha


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