Re-Review: Noah and Abby Gundersen at The Big House in Ballard 1/13/12

>> Sunday, January 22, 2012

My head is still spinning. I have never been so hung up on a show in my life. And I have been to my fair share of shows. But, now, 9 days later, I am still all about the Noah and Abby Gundersen Show. And now, more importantly, I can get you hung up on it as well. The awesome gents over at This City Rocks are giving you an inside look at this once in a life time show, with some stunning videos.

This show is nearly impossible to overstate, but I tried too in my original post. Here are some of the snippets of what I sputtered. 
100 music lovers, truly loving music. Musicians truly giving everything. This was not one of those shows at a clinky bar where the music was just the noise trying penetrated the hum of drunken conversations. This was a show for honest to goodness audiophiles. I have never heard a crowd so quiet, so attentive, so in love with the sounds that were radiating off the stage. I am not sure I have ever experienced anything like it.

I want to preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of Noah Gundersen. However, he was not the star of the show last night. Abby Gundersen stole my heart. Not in the creepy, "I'm a 30 year old fat guy, crushing on the belting beauty" kind of way. Just musically, she simply stole my heart. It took seeing them live to realize, that although Noah is the front man, and deservedly so, Abby is the soul of the group. He writes amazing songs, and can easily bring them to life all on his own, but she makes those same songs stagger, and buckle at the knees.

He can make a crowd rise up, she can make them soar.

They are the perfect pair.

The passion they both played with was unparralled and vibrated throughout the entire building. It was truly an experience that I will not soon forget.
And, now, with the help of This City Rocks, I am so happy to let you in on the secret that was The Big House show.


"Poor Man's Son"

"Ledges" (if this new song is any indication of what is to come, Noah will rule the world)



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