Carson Henley's 100 Hour Project Documentary

>> Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ok ok ok. I know you just saw a post about Carson Henley for the Song of the Day and all, but there is more you MUST know. A few months back I gave you guys a teaser about a project Carson Henley was working on. The 100 Hours Project. A documentary and album that will change his career.

For 100 straight waking hours, he, with the help of a worldclass producer, and a bevy of fantastic musicians (just from watching the trailer, I see Tess Henley & Allen Stone) locked himself away in a studio to write, compose, learn, and record an entire album. Yeah, that's right. An entire record, start to finish, in 100 hours. Seems like a cross between the best and the stupidest idea ever, which I think is the line any true artist needs to learn to walk. Judging from the results, Carson found his sound.
I wrote that back in April after seeing the trailer and hearing the lead single "Fire" and I can't help but feel it's an understatement. Carson didn't just find his sound, he found his soul. This music lives. It breathes, it aches and pains, it loves and breaks. This record is something I was missing.

Here is the full documentary for your enjoyment. If you love music like I do, but have no real clue the heart, energy and commitment that goes into making it, this will be enlightening. It was for me.

"The 100 Hour Project" 

The 100 Hour Project from Brian Nunes on Vimeo.


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