Song of the Day: "Stones" by Lynx

>> Sunday, July 8, 2012

On a rare occasion, I outsource my creativity.
I do not do this often, mainly, because I rock. But everynowandthen, I realize that a fresh pair may share something I never would have found.
A few days ago, I asked a new friend of mine, (I will call her NayNay for now, since I didn't get her permission to use her real name) if she could help me pick out the weekend edition Song of the Day. She is one of our favorite readers, and we have chatted music here and there, so I know a couple things. Her tastes do not suck, and she knows what we do around here. So, I was confident she would not let me down. And, guess what, she exceeded all my expectations, and kinda blew me away.
It is very uncommon for someone to be all like "hey, you should listen to this band, you would like them" and actually provide me with someone I haven't heard of. Yet alone two. It is exceedingly unheard of for me to actually like what they shared. Well, that is what happened here. NayNay brought me a selection of 4 songs, 3 of which I loved, and 2 of those 3 were from bands I had never even heard of, 1 of those 2 is shared below. Yeah. That just happened.

Two things about this song/video. One, it's beautifully shot/filmed. Two, the song just gets into you. It makes you crave more. I know I do.

"Stones" by Lynx


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