Songs of the Day: "Lions" and "Equinox" by Samantha Crain

>> Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So, for the rest of they year, I am going to be using the Song of the Day platform to help whittle and determine what tunes/records are going to make up my best of the year lists. So, if you see them here, you can be rest assured that they will also me on display in about a month.

So, today, I bring you two songs that will undoubtedly make my best songs list from an album that has a very very good chance of making my final 13. I would sing her praises, but I have already written an entire blog about this gem of a singer. In short, I had never heard of her as she opened for First Aid Kit and she blew me away and left me in awe for the rest of the show. Overshadowed the headliner. Not easy to do.

"Lions" by Samantha Crain

"Equinox" by Samantha Crain


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