Best Songs Of The Decade, 20-11

>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ok. so we are now entering the final stretch. The top twenty. The cream of the crop. I would wager, there is not an unlikeable song the rest of the way. We are continuing our ten part series for the Best Songs of the Decade. Again, to make it easy, I will color code selections for you. Addi's will be in Green, Stevie's will be in Purple.

After reading both lists, it is clear where we come together and veer apart, but over all, not a bad song in the bunch. For a proper intro to the lists, please see part one below. 

***You will notice that there are two #13's listed below. It was an error in editing that, as the list poster, I am hanging my head for. However, rather then delete such a high ranking song, we decided just to expand the accompanying list to match. So, bonus for you.

20. "Blowers Daughter" -- Damian Rice/"I Made A Resolution" -- Sea Wolf

19. "Such Great Heights" -- The Postal Service/"This is the Thing" -- Fink

18. "Cartwheels" -- The Reindeer Section/"Collide" -- Howie Day

17. "To Be Alone with You" -- Sufjan Stevens/"Maybe Maybe" -- Nico Stai

16. "Follow You Into the Dark" -- Death Cab/"Flight 180" -- Bishop Allen

15. "I'm A Pilot" -- Fanfarlo/"Morning After" -- Howie Day

14. "Oviedo" -- Blind Pilot/"For You" -- The Format

13. "Collide" -- Howie Day/"La Cienga Just Smiled" -- Ryan Adams

13. "Thousand Ways" -- Tallest Man On Earth/"Blood" -- The Middle East

12. "Save Me" -- Aimee Mann/"Stan" -- Eminem ft. Dido

11. "The Funeral" -- Band Of Horses/"Giving Up On Love" -- Slow Club


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