Best Songs Of The Decade, 10-1.

>> Saturday, March 5, 2011

How's that for follow through?!?! We started a list project and finished! Yay for us, but also yay for you. These are some of the 19 (1 repeat) best songs you can ever hear. Give them a listen. Again, to make it easy, I will color code selections for you. Addi's will be in Green, Stevie's will be in Purple.

After reading both lists, it is clear where we come together and veer apart, but over all, not a bad song in the bunch. For a proper intro to the lists, please see part one below. 

***Seeing how this is our final posting. We have each written our own intro. To keep with the format, I placed those intro's side by side. Color coded as well.

I think my whole list really has one thing in common- nostalgia. My top 10 specifically though are moments caught in time, put to music quite literally. These are the songs that I blast in my earphones and forget the world exists, the songs I've cried too and danced barefoot in my kitchen (and at my wedding) to. I was trying to find some continuity among my favorites here- many are singer-songwriters, all wrote their own songs but one (Heartbeats is a cover- the original is good too), and they all seem to be saying something about life, love and longing. Maybe that says something about me? Putting this out here is really like being naked, I feel like I'm baring a part of myself, stripping away the pretenses and letting it all out there. It feels good.
My top ten, when it comes down to it, unlike Stevie’s, is only about 5% nostalgia. My list is the personification of my journey. From being the na├»ve little boy I was for the first 24 years of my life, to the free thinking sardonic man I am today. I define myself by the sounds I surround myself with. I know that sounds shallow, and it might be, but its truth. I used to fall in line. I used to look back. I used to dwell. But somehow I stumbled forward and into myself. I found a collection of sounds that are distinctly mine, and I share them here with you.  
Only one of these songs is from my dwelling days. Granted, it is a hell of a song, but most of these are from the last 3 years.

10. "Heartbeats" -- Jose Gonzalez/"Set Fire To The Third Bar" -- Snow Patrol

9. "Do You Remember" -- Jack Johnson/"It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful" -- Slow Club

8. "New Slang" -- The Shins/"Where You Don't Belong" -- One-Eyed Mule

7. "Sweet Disposition" -- The Temper Trap/"Covered In Rain" -- John Mayer

6. "Chocolate" -- Snow Patrol/"Let The Drummer Kick That" -- Citizen Cope

5. "Life On A Chain" -- Pete Yorn/"Christmas TV" -- Slow Club

4. "Three Rounds And A Sound" -- Blind Pilot/"I Know I Know I Know" -- Tegan and Sara

3. "Lack Of Color" -- Death Cab For Cutie/"Beach House" -- The Cave Singers

2. "When She Believes" -- Ben Harper/"Sweet Disposition" -- The Temper Trap

1. "Trapeze Swinger" -- Iron and Wine/"Skinny Love" -- Bon Iver


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